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The Reliant Owners Club (ROC) was founded in London 1958. The club is open to all Reliant Owners and people who can’t resist the charm of these vehicles. The club welcomes ALL Reliant vehicles regardless of condition , engine size and number of wheels, concourse, barn finds and modified vehicles all welcome.

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Note: The webmaster and staff of the Reliant Owners Club take no responsibility for loss damage or injury of any kind caused by use of tips from this web site or forum. Such tips are put there to provide a guide to possible solutions to problems but it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that any tips given are safe and practical. If you do not feel competent to make such a decision then seek expert opinion.

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Reliant M.O.T

Having problems finding a garage near you that M.O.T’s 3-wheelers? Then check the latest R.O.C. magazine or here for approved Reliant dealers in your area or call 0870 6060440. They will ask where you are and find your nearest M.O.T station.

e-mail: enquiries@vosa.gov.uk

website: www.vosa.gov.uk

National Rally 2018 is on May 25th to the 28th so put the dates in your diary for more information please click here