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Telford Rally 2011

 Unfortunately I was not able to book any holiday from work this year, so set off after work the Friday evening. Once again it was a case of pack the tent as I haven’t got round to sorting out my camper yet. I decided to give my latest acquisition a run out- my pearlescent violet Rialto Van. With all the gear stowed, including the lights for the gazebo, both Lin’s and my stuff the van was full to the Brim.

It was a lovely evening, quite warm and sunny, which did have me a little concerned  as the temperature gauge on the Rialto rose to about ¾ going up some of the hills. However we arrived without a problem just in time to catch the left over’s from the BBQ Paul had put on. Paul said we must have smelt it cooking! Lin had kindly prepared a picnic, so we sat down to sausages, burgers and sundries.  It was starting to get a little dark so I unloaded the lights and Lin’s stuff and set about pitching the tent. Thanks to the Cornish family for the use of their airbed pump.

Those assembled settled into as game or two of Bingo whilst I readied myself to be quizmaster. This year’s theme was Romans/Greeks so my quiz was based loosely around that and seemed to go down well. We also had a raffle, and then chatted to friends for a while before retiring.

Saturday was the main rally day and we started to set up the events. This year Telford branch members were somewhat thin on the ground, with just Paul, Celia Lin and me. However with a little help from our friends as the song says we had horseshoes, lawn darts, bean bag throwing, raffle, tombola, car of the day, and wheel change.

Attendance was certainly down this year with less camping units present and just the Rowley’s and their friends as day visitors.

The wheel change was popular as usual, though some were more competitive than others. Wilfred took the relaxed approach, complete with cup of coffee in one hand, but still managing a respectable time though Paul’s time was the outright winner. Eloise Cornish also put in a good performance in the child’s entry.

There was a nice selection of Reliants in the line-up and the most popular was Snowy’s 21e saloon. After prize giving and raffle it was time to get ready for the evenings activities. I set about cooking few items for the Roman/Greek themed communal supper before setting about my fancy dress – sorry Lin, forgot to tell you till last minute! Lin’s white dressing gown made a reasonably convincing Toga and I carved up a cardboard box and attached some frayed nylon string to make a centurion’s hat.

I could see Paul stringing together a number of poles and wandered what that could be for. Meanwhile there was plenty of activity within the units until finally everyone emerged in their period attire. First on the agenda was chariot racing. Several small trailers had been decorated before the charioteers embarked. The teams pushed the contraptions around the Gazebo as Karen Cornish gave her royal wave to the bemused on lookers.

The site owner was asked to judge the best chariot team before we moved to the next events. It now became apparent what the string canes were for. Paul had devised a number of obstacle races. One from each team had to negotiate the strings while carrying a frying pan in which pizza ingredients had to be collected and returned to the next member of the team until the final pizza was delivered, assuming no-one was left half strangled within the canes. Similarly a grape and spoon race caused much amusement and finally “Throwing Christians to the lions” involved throwing clothes pegs into the gaping mouths of two lions I had drawn.

I’m sure everyone had a great laugh and Paul and Celia’s hard work was much appreciated. It’s great to see so many getting into the spirit of things.


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