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Tamworth 2010

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This was our firth rally this year and once again we had more cars than ever. The day started early for Pete Dee and I as we had to load up then drive over from Birmingham to meet Elvis at his garage so we could load the reliant sign onto the trailer to take to town. We got what we thought was nice and early and to our amassment there were some cars waiting for us. So with out stopping for a long chat the trailer was unloaded with 35 still under a cover and then the sign was put together and put in place, and then there were Reliants coming in a nice steady stream for us to park. The one big problem this year is the shops on the square decided to open which meant we lost about five parking spaces. Then we were informed that this year we could not have cars parked on the road like last year so we had to ask the drivers of the vans if they could park them in our over flow area on Market Street and then put as many Reliants as we could onto the square. This year like others we can some nice rear Reliants attend the meeting. We had the first and last Rally cars that Reliant built (a ex works 1962 Sabre and a 1980’s Ford RS200 brought along by Brian Betteridge. We also had the 1961 Prototype Sabra. Three wheelers were also well represented with every thing from my 1935 Reliant to a 2002 Reliant BN1 brought along by Sue Cropper.

The day was a great success and we have been informed by the council that we were number two in the most visited attractions for that weekend which was good as we were only there for the day. As we have not out grown the Church Square we now have the main car park in the castle grounds for next year this will allow us to also have a place for people to park transporters and vans next to where the cars are on display. Hopefully next year we will brake that 100 barrier we almost did it this year with 95 cars so fingers crossed.

Elvis and I would like to thank Pete and Dee Gnosill, Caroline Stokes, Kirsty Gee, Dave Poole and Kerry Croxton also Big Daddy and Micromma (Steve and Janet) and James at CHG Performance for all there hard work during this rally. 

More so thank you to all you members with out which Rallies like this would not work please continue to support all the rallies you can and see you at the next one.

Geoff Payne

Telford Branch

Whos Who at the ROC

Reliant Specialist

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