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Nottingham Rally 2011

Nottingham Branch rally was at a different venue this year, at the Rose and Crown (a Pub) at Holbeach Hurn. It’s a site that certainly is off the beaten track, but thanks to the clear signing Steve White put up we found the venue quite easily. What better rally site could you find? With a pub attached! It even had a function room that we could use and of course, apart from the Bingo and the usual Quizzes, members partook of the holstery’s fine beers ECT

It was as usual, a very fine turn out with nigh on 30 Units and a lot of day visitors which produced a good selection of Reliants; even the weather was kind to us. For those who have been to previous rallies at the Bubble Car Museum, there is one further advantage to this new site – you can actually get pegs in the ground without hitting stones.

There were two road run outs organised, one to Hunstanton and the other to the Nene Valley Railway.

The only down side came on the return journey home, The A16 is noted for it’s side winds being situated in one of the flatter parts of Lincolnshire and having nothing to stop the winds for several miles. Going home on the Monday we found the wind particularly strong and had a great deal of trouble keeping the Rialto on a straight course. Other vehicles too were having problems including modern tin boxes and especially high sided Lorries. One member reports that travelling down the road that day a lorry was blown clean across the road. Still, we and everyone else got home safe even though Mick Rowley did take an alternative form of transport when it’s Scimitar blew it’s head gasket.

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