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NEC 2012

Pictures from the NEC Show

The NEC Classic Car and Bike show was a again a great success thanks to the main efforts of Mark and Sue Cropper from Birmingham Branch who set it up and then from members from all branches who helped by giving up there time to help man the stand.

First of all I would like to thank Parkside flexibles for the T shirts an Phil Morley of MTA Classics for sponsoring the electric, flooring and display equipment

 This year we had three Regal saloons a 3:25 and a 21e as well as a 3:30 this showed off the development of these cars very well. We also had a cut away 600cc engine and box which really pulled in the crowds and as it was 50 years since the first all alloy unit fitted it fitted in very well. The we had Mark’s Rialto estate a very tide one owner car. Next to that we had the bug from the wheelers dealers team with some nice 70’s touches like a space hopper and then a Liege. The finishing touch was in the form of a Scooter Ski. This year we also combined our stand with two other Reliant clubs The Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owner's Club and also the Middlebridge Scimitar owners club This really helped the Reliant name stand out as the stand looked like a stand from the Motor Show.

Over the three days we had hundreds come and see us on our stand and we also had 14 new members join the club as well as giving help and advice to lots of people thinking of joining the club or just stuck with there car and needing that bit of know how help. We even had a new over seas member join from the USA as his son is just finishing his Mustang build and fancy a MK1 for his next project.

We also heard some great stories from people visiting the stand and there memories of Reliant’s in there life either ones that were taking them to school in the 50’s to a nice gentleman who’s brother had an all alloy bodied Reliant in the 60’s which we managed to tell him it was a MK2 that his brother would of had which made him over the moon as he could not place what the model was and when we used the web site computers we had set up to show him a picture he then confirmed we were right as apart from the color that was his brothers car so he went away a very happy man.

Next year we are hoping to be invited back again and have another great show so here’s to 2013


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