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NEC 2013

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It was that time of year again when the ROC were asked back to the NEC to host a stand to show off Reliant cars. So as it was the 40th year since the launch of the Robin Mark asked James and Malcolm  if they would bring the examples of Mk1 Robins. James’ van fresh from being restored (So fresh that the wheels went on when it was on the stand using a human jack and Malcolm's which he has just rebuilt from the ground up. Then Mark brought along his two BN Robins to show the last that were ever produced so good were these cars and modern looking that people coming to the stand thought that they were fresh off the production line and ready to be sold. In fact the blue BN1 almost never made it to the show as just two days before what should of been a simple touch up ended up a total respray and only being finished at midnight on Wednesday. Then James brought along a brand new Mk1 rolling chassis with cut away engine to that people could see what lay under the skin of a Robin which seemed to create some interest with people seeing a sight you don't normally see. Talking of unusual sight Sam Glover from Piratical Classic Magazine (PCM) brought his Anadol A8 to the stand. While not 100% Reliant made as this was the face lift that Turkey did it was still a car that Reliant Helped create from the start. Also as this car was featured in this months magazine covering the story of Sam bring the car over it created loads of interest from PCM fans. This model had the 1600 Kent engine in and seemed a cool car even if the nose was rather ugly. The other big four wheeler that we had on the stand was Geoff's lovely Scimitar Coupe in bright yellow and a great car to have on the stand as the video that was playing showed the Anadol, Concept Robin and finished with the Coupe so people got chance to see all the cars featured in the Reliant world video clip. The last car on the stand was my very own 1935 Reliant 7cwt pickup. This allowed people to see where Reliant started because it's amazing how many you meet that think Reliant started in the 60’s with the Regal.

Over the three days we meet some lovely people telling stories of there memories of a Reliant from there childhood be it owned by there dad or the local delivery man having one. A couple of chaps I meet meant quite a bit to me with working on 35 as the first chap I meet built the &cwt van that sits in the bubble car museum and the second owns a Raleigh LDV1 which he was kind enough to give me a couple of pictures for 35’s website.

Over all it was a great success for the club to get it's name out to the people so that they know we are there the best bit about the stand was that when you first came into the show the first club you seen was ours.

Thank you to all those that helped man the stand over the three days talking to the hundreds of people and also thank you to those that brought there cars and helped set up on the Thursday. It was a long day but worth it.

Roll on next year.

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