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National Rally 2013

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This year we had wonderful sunshine for our three days at Stoke Prior. We arrived on the Thursday to get things sorted for the Friday rush of campers arriving ready for the Saturday. It was lovely sunshine though the wind was very in your face and made it fun putting up the tents. A few arrived on the Thursday so they could miss the bank holiday rush and chill the same as us.

Friday morning came and the wind never let up at all though the sun was shining still I had forgot some items that might be important like my CD collection and as I was DJing on the Saturday night thought I may well need them so a quick trip home was called for. When I got back more campers had arrived so Kirsty booked them in and we let them know about the race night the club house had put on to raise funds for Birmingham’s children hospital. We then went over the club house and had some yummy food and started to enjoy the racing when I got reminded that we had got our glow cars competition to do so quickly letting folks know that wanted to do it we lined the cars up outside the club house and decorated them with glow sticks. The cars were judged by our new and old Hostesses and Simon Hodges from Surry branch was the winner with a great display and use of glow sticks.


Saturday soon came around and the wind had at last dropped making a pleasant start to the day. This was the day of the road run out to Avon Croft museum so just before 11am I placed 35 (my 1935 Reliant) by the gate for cars to line up behind me as I was leading the group. We had 9 cars in all showing all types of Reliants which looked great. After the slow ride over (lucky it was only 3 miles away as 35 will only do 35mph flat out) we arrived at Avon Croft where we was meet by a lovely lady who opened the gate for us as we had got exclusive parking in the main grounds. Once the cars were lined up we went and made payment then started having a good look around at the wonderful stuff that Avon Croft has to offer. After lunch I said good bye to the staff and made my way back to the camp site as I needed to set up my Disco gear for the evening entertainment. We started off with a Karaoke for the children till 8:30 then we kicked off the 70’s night with loads of good tunes from that time frame. Apart from other games though out the night we had best dress dude and lady dude Pet Huggins won the Dude with a very cool John Travolta look and Dee Gnosill won the best dressed Lady Dude. The night again seems to go to quick and it was soon time for bed ready for the main day on the Sunday.


Sunday morning was like Saturday lovely and sunny so we set up all the games and stalls outside. A few of the games did not arrive so we made do with what we had. In the hall was Regal Racing and Rocker box racing as well as a colouring competition for the children when the coloured a Robin then with help cut it out and turned it into a model. And outside we had Manoeuvrability, Guess the balloons in a Robin, tombola, national raffle, horse shoes, and the ROC shop which was looking very good with its new stock lines now on sale. Teresa Gibson did her last service of the year and passed the banner onto our new Hostess Helena Stone from Chard Branch who then did her first duty and declared the rally open and the fun and games began. The day went well and the trophy giving ran smooth as well though by the time the evening came the luck ran out as our booked artist never showed up and would not even answer his phone when I tried to contact him so with some help from my friends I pulled out my Disco gear from my van and did a Disco Party night for all to enjoy and dance the night away.


Monday was soon upon us and after a closing ceremony we packed up and went home to recover and take stock of all the fun of the weekend.

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