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Lucas Hybrid


Lucas Hybrid 1982

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In 1982 Reliant in co-operation with Lucas EV Systems Limited built an experimental hybrid vehicle; the Lucas Hybrid electric car. This was powered by a Lucas electric drive system and a Reliant 848cc petrol engine coupled to a generator, combining the benefits of electric drive with the flexibility of a conventional vehicle. The car could be driven in a number of operating modes; for all day running it used battery power alone and it recharged over night from a domestic electricity supply, but it could complete a journey of any length using its on board engine generator. The 5 seater hatchback was made from fiberglass with steel side doors and had a specially designed separate steel chassis incorporating mountings for the main power battery pannier.


1982 Lucas Hybrid

Photograph Courtesy of Elvis Payne


1982 Lucas Hybrid

Photograph Courtesy of Elvis Payne