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Lichfield 2012

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This year we were once again asked back by the organizers of Lichfield’s Cars In The Park to show our cars. Kirsty and I were going to camp over on the Saturday but as the Olympic torch was going though Burton on the Saturday Morning the roads would be closed from 6 to 9am with a rolling road block on the A38 so we decided to make our way over on the Friday instead. When we got there we booked in and the nice man that did the booking mentioned that they would be doing a cavalcade on the Saturday morning leaving at 8am so I asked if I could join them with 35. “Not a problem” he said “this is the one I have seen in Practical Classics love your rebuild”. Then he went on to say that a Reliant van was already on site and pointed to where they had gone. So we made our way down and found Sue and Mark Cropper with there lovely little caravan. After setting up the new tent we got we settled down and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Next morning I was up and ready for the off at 8am with 35 and with a swift kick he fired up and I went and joined the other cars ready for the off. We then drove around Lichfield to get to the start of the run where we met more classic and vintage cars, there was 30 of us in the end. At 8:31 we set off as we were leading the torch though Lichfield with cheering crowds and waving flags we drove down this street and up the next though red lights and in no entries. It was great fun but then problems struck 35 for as I got by the Cathedral I lost my clutch just as all the cars were coming to a stop so 35 stalled out on me. Try as I might I could not move the adjustment nut I had done it’s lock nut up to well. Then the nice recovery man behind me gave me a push with the engine started so that I could get in gear and carry on.

When all was done we headed back to Beacon Park for the main show. The weather was not great as it was over cast but we had loads of people over to see us at the ROC stand. And with the new flags marking each end of our stand it helped us really stand out. There seemed to be less cars over the show ground than last year but then this was the Saturday and the main day is normally Sunday so all going well it would pick up then.

On the Sunday Morning it started off well with the sun shining but alas this gave way to rain and then more sun followed by more rain. Still it was not enough to stop people coming and enjoying a good day out looking at all the strange and wonderful cars on display. We had a few more Reliants turn up for the stand so it was looking well represented with lots of different models on display from 35 (my 1935 7CWT) to Sue’s Mk3 Robin Van. We even had a turn at driving into the arena and with 35’s clutch now adjusted I lead the way in. Sue’s dad came to the rescue with 35 as when I explained the problem he said “I have just the thing to stop that at home” then came back with some 7mm ball bearings which give a nice smooth surface for the arm to press on while allowing the shaft to rotate still and to date I have not had to adjust the clutch again. It was good to see friends and family supporting us at the event and when all was done at the end of the day we went over to a wet tent and started to pack down. At least we don’t have far to get home on this rally.

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