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Geoff’s Story

I was after a Reliant for a bit when my brother mentioned that Farther Christmas had got one, “Who ???” I asked “thought he had a sleigh”. Then my brother explained that it was John Cooperstake up in Sunny Yorkshire. So after some phone calls a deal was struck and I found my self on a Virgin Train whisking my way up North. When I got to John’s I was greeted with a nice big smile and a warm drink (Who said it would be sunny) and then show this nice silver Robin. This was my first Reliant so driving it back would be fun as the most I had done in one was go around the block. So after some very nice food and a shake of the hand I set off for home in my new toy.

I was taking it easy as I was instructed and then made my way onto the M1 where I got a nice 60mph pace going.

Pretty soon I was used to the nice little car and the grin started to form on my face. The a nasty big van tried to blow me off the motorway as he came passed then he just sat in front of me with all his smelly fumes coming into my little Robin. So with a quick pat on the dash board I said “come on girl lets show him” and planted my foot into the carpet. With out a thought my little Robin flew passed this horrid van and down the motor way. Then in my mirror I seen e van coming after me he did not like that so with another pat we sped on 65, 70, 75 and then 80 mph boy it was loud but the van soon became a small speck in the distance and we were well on our way.

I was impressed with the turn of speed that this little car had and the grin on my face was even bigger by the time I got back home to Birmingham.

Then me and my Silver Dream machine had many a run together though the best has to be when I was working at N and D Marsh’s garage. The boss (My best mate) had a Ford Cosworth which he was very proud of. He asked me if I was coming over after work for a drink so I said yes but I will follow you my car as it will be easier to get home after. He just laugh and said “If you can keep up” then jumped into his Cossy and went so I jumped into my Robin and raced after him.

Every corner he took I made sure I had him in my sights and I was doing well till this Metro pulled out and was driving at a silly slow pace. Nooooo he’s getting away I thought so with the good old pat on the dash I said to the Robin that we will take this Metro on the Island, So the Island came up and I dropped the gear down a peg and planted my foot on the floor again (Think am getting to good at this lol) and flew passed the Metro with the back end stepping out in good rally fashion. Passed the Metro I soon caught up with Darren and pulled in behind him at home.

I got out proud of my little Robin and all Daz could say is “what the hell have you got in that thing”

He still not keen on Reliants but now has a big respect for them.


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